The Breakfast Table – Good Morning!


now it’s time to start what I ever wanted to do, but never did: my own learning journal.

Before I’m writing some lines about my motivation and the projects I’m currently working on, I should talk just a bit about myself.

My friends call me Jule, I’m 23 years old and a recently graduated Game Design Student (specialized in 3D Animation and Rigging) at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW). I love playing games and watching films (I’m honest – I fell in love with Ghibli), as well as cycling through my home town, hanging out with friends and doing stuff every young woman likes to do – cooking, baking and having girls’ night out. And especially they would tell you that I’m kind of freaky, ’cause I like to laugh and doing crazy things. But I would say that’s the spirit of a creative mind. ;)

Within my studies I doubted that an online journal would be as effective as I hoped for. Additionally I didn’t believed that I could update regularly enough to keep all of this going.
But now – after finishing my studies – I’m confident and motivated enough to share my work and skills with you! I know that I’m just at the beginnings of my abilities and skill level, but never the less I’m sure that I could learn a lot more from you, your comments and advices, than by sitting at home and doing it all by myself.

So if you have anything to say – please do so! I really apprechiate every helpfull and honest critique. :)

These two projects listed below are the first ones I did after my studies (in a group) and I’m very excited about them. If you like to know more about each one, visit the links below or search for them in the projects menu at the top of the page.


Projects Overview



The Nightmare project is one of the first projects I started after my Bachelor degree. It’s a puzzle game in which the player has to help a little child to get out of its nightmare. By using the provided toys the player is able to guide the child over dangerous gorges and help to pass spooky shadows and tricky traps.

Tasks | 3D Animation, Character Rigging

Team | Caty D. Blättermann, Julia Peters, Martha Schoppa, Richard Wepner, Julia Franke




Two Worlds is about a fictitious game that takes place on one planet and two different decades. ’cause of a prophecy made more than thousand years ago, the two protagonists have to rescue their home, without knowing that their worlds are already melding.

Tasks | 3D Animation, Character Rigging, Storyboarding, Environment Design

Team | Julia Peters, Oliver Ziegler, Julia Franke


And that would be it. I hope you’ll come back soon!



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