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HiEverybodyHope you all had a creative and pleasant week so far. The summer heat here in Berlin made my work extremly challenging till Wednesday last week. But I had some tricks to prevent my room from becoming a home sauna, so that I could clear a bit of my backlog. But the summer minor illness arrived at my frontdoor just in time (Monday), so that I had to ease up.

Things I’ve done so far:
  1. continue my work on Two Worlds.
  2. continue the animations for the Nightmare project, as well as beginning the rig for one of the first toys.

Unfortunately I can’t show you my new Demo Reel now, although I told you so in my last post. By doing a bit of research for the Nightmare project I stumbled over a few very interesting topics concerning Character Rigging and realized that I have to rework and add some functionalities to the rig I did for Two Worlds. Till then you have to wait a bit to see final results, I’m sorry! =) BUT I’ll definitely keep you informed about everything I’m doing.


Two Worlds

To rework Meeras Rig was a quite good decision, although it meant a lot of work. Til now I improved her hips, the spine and got a more flexible result compared to those of my bachelor thesis. (The rotation values of the hip control within the two images are exactly the same!)

Stiff Hip (old version left) vs. Loose Hip (new version right)

2014-07-18_TwoWorlds_Meera_StiffHipMovement 2014-07-18_Nightmare_Meera_CorrectHipMovement

The next task deals with a much more flexible spine using an IK Spline Handle and an adjustment of the Foot Controls which currently offer different attributes (no actual transition and rotation available) to roll and twist several parts of the Foot Rig – which is quite unhandy for animators.




Although the 3D Model isn’t ready yet – textures and detailes are missing so far – I wanted to show you the animations I did. Several .GIF images showing different perspectives and parts of the rig. If there’s something that should be enhanced please send me an Email or leave a comment! =) (The images are just 300 px in width, cause the character will be much smaller on display at the end!)

Run Cycle

2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_Run_FrontView 2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_Run_SideView 2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_Run_BackView


2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_Idle_PerspectiveView 2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_Idle_SideView

Thrown by the Jack

2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_BeThrown_Sideview 2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_Falling_Sideview 2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_Landing_Sideview 2014-07-18_Nightmare_Lisa_FullFall_TurnUpperHalf


I think having a little roll action at the peak of the bombtrajectory gives the animation a very very very nice extra, but I won’t animate that until the rest is implemented correctly.

Next to the animations I started rigging the Jack in the Box – our first toy. Therefor I needed more information about the “Squash and Stretch” topic. I found a really good tutorial made by the Maya developer (see more here) and tried out to transfer the technique to the Rig. Up to now it worked pretty well, but  I’m only halfway done. Tomorrow I could surely check  this point on my list.


And that would be it for now. I hope you’ll come back soon!

Have a nice weekend and stay healthy! =)



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