Two Worlds

1 minute cutscene for fictitious fantasy game (B.A. graduation project)


Two Worlds is about a fictitious game that takes place on one planet and two different decades. ’cause of a prophecy made more than thousand years ago, the two protagonists have to rescue their home, without knowing that their worlds are already melding.

Tasks | 3D Animation, Character Rigging, Storyboarding, Environment Design

Two Worlds was the first project  I did in co-operation with Julia Peters and Oliver Ziegler. While Julia modeled the awesome Character named Meera and Oliver did the modeling and lighting of the whole scene, I was responsible for the Rig and Skin of the main character. The project we were working on was about a 1 minute sequence designed for a fictitious game located in a jungle full of fantastic creatures and plants.

Working on this project was quite interesting, difficult and challenging at once. It was the first time I ever build up a Rig in Maya, as well as developing a storyboard and environment concepts.

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TEAM | Julia Peters, Oliver Ziegler, Julia Franke

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