Old university projects

from 2011 to 2013



Halloween is coming to town… but are you the scariest creature of them all? Choose one of the funny and spooky costumes and challenge your friends to see who can win the big prize. But watch out! What looks kind under light, gets evil at night.

Tasks | 3D Animation, Character Rigging, Project Management, Interface Design

This project was developed from Nov. 2012 to Feb. 2013 (4 month).

TEAM | Tom Lippoldt, Julian Dieckert, Philip Zupke, Simon Mary, Manuel Bellersen, Matthias Zündorf, Semjon Leinweber, Julia Franke

Developing Luna within our last big project semester was fun and exciting as well. In relation to the slow progress we had developing our first university project “Metal Fun Park”, we now spent almost two weeks in pre production before we threw ourselves into work. Knowing the people, their habits and abilities made my work much easier and helped me coordinating and estimating the team and the timetables. Therefore I used our weekly meeting to check and discuss the schedule, the current progress and individual problems.The atmosphere in our team was always kind and creative, which helped me a lot to get started in a new part of the development pipeline: 3D animation. I spent a lot of time watching different tutorials, reading several animation guides and books, talking with fellow students and asking for help to improve my animation skills. And it paid off. During the time of our project my workflow got more and more fluent and some problems I had in the beginning were solved much faster. In addition I met daily with our second character animator so we could talk about our progress and give advice to each other.
This project showed me once more that receiving regular feedback and challenging yourself is important to improve your work.After all big thanks to my team for this amazing experience.
First experiences:
  • 3D animation with 3Ds Max
  • Rigging and Skinning with 3DsMax
  • implementing animations in Unity
Improved knowledge and skills:
  • optimizing my own workflow
  • coordinating and estimating abilities of team members
  • solution-orientated group work
  • Optimizing my own time management




Choose your Elimin…Care for it it, cuddle it and train it. Watch it grow and recieve cool items when playing quick rounds of minigames. Customize its room to match your Elemins element. Show your cute Elemin and your cool room to your friends, and share your items with them.

Tasks | 2D Animation , Game Design & Interface Design

This project was developed from Nov. 2012 to Feb. 2013 (4 month).

TEAM | Christine Neigenfind, Philip Zupke, Julian Dieckert, Julia Franke

Metal Fun Park


2150 – the new era! The world of sports has changed. People in artificial suits fight against each other. And among that a new arena combat was born: MFP.Compete with your team against the rival team and the arena, hold and defend your node areas and upgrade your character individually. Become the most famous star at the future sports universe of 2150.

Tasks | Project Management, Interface Design

This project was developed from Nov. 2011 to Juli 2012 (9 month).

TEAM | Munise Sertel (4. Semester), Julian Dieckert, Matthias Zündorf, Philip Zupke, Alexander Billik, Bernhard Dubbick, Semjon Leinweber, Julia Franke

No matter how challenging and stressful “Metal Fun Park” was, the project and the experiences I made extended my abilities and hard skills a lot. It’s not just that this was my first project with more than 3 people, I also had to handle with the problem that coordinating different people with different habits, abilities and personalities is a lot different than coordinating just yourself.
So I used the first semester to get to know my team members in order to establish a personal and professional relationship. Over the two semesters I learned much better how I could improve the development process and my personal work as a team leader. Especially because of our daily exchange and the friendly but serious way to give advice to each other.Within the second semester I made my first experiences in designing GUI elements, which was hard and sometimes unpleasant. While I first focused on research and imagining how pretty and amazing the final Interface should look like, I recognized at the end, that having too high expectations in relation to the knowledge someone has leads to frustration and excessive demand. The first thing I learned from this lesson was having a short but deep conceptual phase is much more effective than talking and thinking an idea to death. Combining this with an iterative process finally got me to the point of feeling better and being pleased with my work. This experience also helped me a lot while working on the Interface of “Luna”, where I spent 1/3 of the time for designing and implementing the GUI than I needed for “Metal Fun Park”.
First experiences:
  • Interface Design in Photoshop
  • implementing Interface concepts into Flash
  • implementing Flash Interface into UDK
  • coordinating and estimating abilities of team members
  • knowledge about different pipelines from concept to the final game
  • get in touch with different people and solving individual problems
  • identifying own strengths and weaknesses
  • finding solutions for technical problems
  • handling timetables and clarifying several tasks and working areas
  • managing my own work and setting priorities for project management
Improved knowledge and skills:
  • optimizing my own workflow
  • doing research
  • communicating in a team
  • Organisation
  • Layout and Design in Photoshop and InDesign
  • working in a group of different personalities