New People – New Awareness

HiEverybodyFirst of all : sorry for being extremely lazy the last weeks.  But I had to handle a lot of trouble since my hard disk drive is broken, as well as I had to prepare my colloquium, birthday and all the stuff that has remained undone.

Luckily everything went fine, so that I’m an officially graduated BA now, one year older and ready for my vacation next week! Yeay! And at the beginning of september I’ll be an owner of a brand new PC too, so that I could work AND play appropriately.



Maybe I announced this “news” last time, BUT according to “twice holds always better” – we decided to free Lisa from her solitude and send her new friends to the playground. Next to the Jack  there will be a Monkey, a Rocking Horse and her beloved Teddy. But what their special abilities are won’t be revealed. ;)


The Rigs are done as well as some animations being part of the vertical slice we’re currently working on.

Next to all these great news, I’m quite happy to tell you, that we’ve got some support for our 3D Environment, Scripting and Game Design. So WELCOME ON BOARD to our new members Marcus and Robin!

Marcus will be responsible for building up all the awesome assets Caty designed in her 2D Environment Concepts. And I’m pretty sure, that every level becomes delicious eye candy. :)

To push our vertical slice to a higher level and to challenge the player within the following levels Robin will refine and extend the code and will spike the gameplay with some extras.


Two Worlds

Besides I did some records for the cutscene and had the awesome opportunity to visit a Motion Capture Studio for capturing some cutscene and ingame movements. We spent 2 weeks for cleaning the room, installing and setting up the cameras, as well as preparing the scene and lists for the takes and finally doing the records.

I’m so excited about the cleaning and refining process, but it has to wait until my holidays are over! :D As well as you’ll get some interesting “Behind the Scenes” pictures right after I’m back home… which might be one week from today.

photos will be available soon…

Before heading to my “most important thing to do” for today (…which means packing all my stuff for the trip to the seaside – although I’ve nothing suitable in my wardrobe :D ) I’d like to leave you an article that made me laugh myself to tears. 40 moments only found in the life of an animator nailed it, really! Especially point 1, 37, 38 and 39 happen to me all day!!!  It calms me down that I’m definitely NOT the only one having such “awkward” moments in life.

How about you? What was your most akward moment within the last weeks?

Have a nice week and stay healthy!



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