new year – new stuff

Hallo again ladies & gentlemen!

I know, long time no see. But a lot of things happend the last few month. First of all – I made a new ShowReel! :D Looks much better than before… was a bit ashamed of the previous one.


Then… I participated in the Polycount Riot Contest 2014 and the GameArtisans Fusion Challenge 2015.


GameArtisans Fusion Challenge 2015

Polycount Riot Contest 2014

Click image to see it fullsize.

RiotContest 2014 Run Cycle (800x450)

RiotContest 2014 Run Cycle (800x450)

RiotContest 2014 Special Attack (800x450) RiotContest 2014 Special Attack (800x450)



And that’s it. So far. See you next time. =)